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You Gave My Horse Back

I want to THANK YOU for sending the Harmonize, for the coupon and for answering my questions AND for giving me my horse back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been praying for the answer for a year since this first started of Diamond having the ulcer pain and kicking out from the discomfort. Most people didn’t believe me that he was doing it out of pain, but I knew my horse even though I’d only had him 4 months when it started, he was so good and willing before it started suddenly. And NOW after feeding him Harmonize for just a short time, I’ve ridden him twice with absolutely no kicking out, no acting like it hurts, no going sideways, he even wants to trot. I can’t thank you enough for making Harmonize and for everything you’ve done to help me and Diamond. I am so happy :-))) I plan on ordering more Harmonize next week and keeping him on it.
I really believe in Harmonize, after how much it helped and is helping Diamond
Thank you again SO MUCH,
Indiana 08/10/12

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