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Unique and Innovative Products for the Horse Enthusiast

Unique and Innovative Products for the Horse Enthusiast

Barrel Horse News - Harmonize EquineNew and Novel

Unique and innovative products for the horse
enthusiast. Compiled by Bonnie Wheatley

Perfect Harmony

The makers of Harmonize equine supplement have created
a practical supplement that “is in harmony” with what you
already do.
The goal of Harmonize is to improve feed efficiency and
nutrient uptake through the use of powerful pre- and probiotics.
Harmonize helps hard keepers and athletic horses
gain weight and improve performance and may help protect
the gut from off schedule feeding, grain diets and stress.
Harmonize improves immunity and health through
the use of new technology, essential trace minerals, potent
anti-oxidants and vitamin nutrition. Harmonize is a fullspectrum
daily supplement designed to meet your horses’
needs that comes in a sweet-flavored pellet form.

Find out more if Harmonize is for your horse at or call (970) 518-8201.
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