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Types of Horses

working horses resizeWorking horses are unique to other horses in the amount of handling, trailering, activity, feeding and mingling with other animals they do.  They experience a higher level of stress than a recreational horses do and are more susceptible to digestive upset and exposure to the “bugs” that horses they mingle with may have.

Active horses experience a higher rate of ulcers and colic than other horses do.  Some of it can be explained from the stress and activity level of performing horses.  Some from nutrition, the rest genetics and environment.  Harmonize uses a potent combination of Pre-biotics, Pro-biotics, Enzymes, digestive microbials and the maximum allowable levels of vitamins, cofactors and antioxidants allowed to keep your horse from getting ulcers and colic.  If your horse does get ulcers and colic related to ulcers, Harmonize will reverse it, treating the problem and we’ll cure most ulcers and colic related to ulcers.  We work differently than GastroGard, we fix the horse from the inside out, restoring and maintaining his natural gut flora.  There are no drugs in Harmonize, you don’t need a perscription.  Harmonize works quickly, your horse will feel the differnce in a day or two and you’ll see the results from enteroscopy in less than 3 weeks.  Harmonize is good insurance for all around horse health.  Harmonize is your edge in competition.

Harmonize equine nutritional supplement enhances the performance of working horses by improving the digestibility of feedstuffs thus giving your horse more energy!


  • Stabilizes gut pH and helps prevent ulcers and colic
  • Alleviates stress at the gut level and beyond due to erratic feed schedules and trailering, and other physical and physiological stresses
  • Adds a level of protection from many molds and toxins your horse may encounter
  • Quickly helps to stop diarrhea
  • Promotes weight gain and appetite; especially with fussy eaters
  • Promotes tissue repair
  • Improves hoof hardness
  •  Strengthens manes and improves hair coat shininess and luster
  • Enhances immunity
  •  Improves energy status and general appearance

cli in coPleasure horses generally are not as heavily used as performance and working horses, yet they have many of the same needs.  Recreational horses are generally fed in the same patterns as working horses and periodically are moved and trailered in the same way. Harmonize was built to keep their guts healthy and improve immunity.  This is so important when environments change, they mingle with other horses or are stressed in other ways.


  • Decreases digestive upsets related to grain feeding, ulcers and colic.
  • Improves the appetites of “picky eaters” and encourages weight gain.
  • Has been effective in stopping diarrhea.
  • May be used to reduce diet induced laminitis.
  • Allow for easier transitions from pasture to hay and pasture to stabling.
  • Let’s you reduce the amount grain-based feed you add to your horse’s diet. (which let’s Harmonize pay for itself!)
  • Makes it easier on your horse to trailer between feedings and events.
  • Improves the digestibility of all forages.
  • Improves the body condition in over conditioned horses when fed in conjunction with a high fiber low or no grain diets.
  • Adds protection against molds and toxins from molds in poor feeds and forages.
  • Completely fortified with essential trace minerals and vitamins.
  • Will improve the hoofs, joints, appearance and activity of your horse.

Harmonize will improve the health and appearance of horses that aren’t handled frequently or have come out of a neglected home.  Harmonize will encourage weight gain and better gut health very rapidly.  With infrequently used horses, Harmonize can be used alone as a daily supplement instead of feeding a fortified grain feed.  It will even improve the digestibility of whatever forage you free choice your horse!


  • Decreases of digestive upsets related to grain feeding.
  • Reduce the rate of diet induced laminitis.
  • Allows for easier transitions—from pasture to hay, and pasture to stabling.
  • Let’s you reduce or eliminate the amount of grain based feed you add to your horses diet.
  • Improves the digestibility of all forages.
  • Improves the body condition in over conditioned horses when fed in conjunction with a high fiber low or no grain diets.
  • Protection against molds and toxins from molds in poor feeds and forages.
  • Completely fortified with essential trace minerals and vitamins.
  • Will improve the hooves, joints, appearance, and activity of your horse.

Weight loss management is one of the biggest issues Senior horse owners face.  Harmonize when used with a good Senior feed and adequate hay, will improve the weight gain and body condition management of your senior horse.  Harmonize uses pre-biotics, pro-biotics and enzymes to dramatically improve the digestibility of forages and feeds while protecting the horses gut.  Harmonize also boosts the immunity of adult horses using a variety of anti-oxidants, vitamins and highly available trace minerals.

Harmonize will add a few more healthy happy years to your senior friend!senior horse resize

Wayne and Tonya own Horse Shoe Farms and have now transitioned most of their boarders to Harmonize after what they have experienced after placing Max on Harmonize.  After trying Harmonize for less than a month, they saw tremendous weight gain and improvements in appearance.  Max is on pasture 24-7 in the Florida sun and his hair coat is deeper and stronger than other black horses that are kept primarily in the barn.  That convinced them to place Lindy, their beloved and retired 29 year old stud horse on Harmonize too.  Lindy has always been a hard keeper as he always ate much more than other horses in their care.  “We are maintaing weight and decreasing his grain consumption successfully while maintaining good appearance and body condition.”  Harmonize contains all of the essential nutrients, trace minerals, vitamins and special ingredients that can limit the need for complete feeds and grain products.


  • Decreases digestive upsets, ulcers and colic.
  • Encourages appetite, weight gain and maintenance.
  • Improves the digestibility of all forages and feedstuffs.
  • Protection against toxins from molds in poor feeds and forages.
  • Completely fortified with essential trace minerals and vitamins.
  • Improves hoof hardness.
  • Strengthens hair coat.
  • Improves appearance and activity.
  • Boosts immunity.

If you are getting your mare ready to conceive, or are expecting a foal, Harmonize can help! Harmonize improves feed digestibility nutrient uptake in the diet of your mare and thus improves her fertility status. Harmonize is also enriched with the necessary trace minerals and vitamins that aid in reproduction. Feeding Harmonize can limit the effect of moldy feed that may be contaminated with toxins.  Pre-biotics, probiotics and enzymes are included to boost her immune status, and the improve her chances of conception.

Ingredients in Harmonize have been shown in the field and in university research trials to increase immunoglobulins (anti-bodies) content of mare’s milk and therefore colostrum quality.  Better colostrum results in healthier, stronger foals.
A brood mare that has been on Harmonize through out pregnancy recently foaled.  The  veterinarian from Leatherstocking Vet Svcs, New Berlin, NY. did an IgG blood colostrum on the colt; 800 is normal or in the good range, This colt’s came back at greater than 2,000.  The veterianrian was impressed with igG level, She said should have no issues with colt’s immunity, he isvery strong.  The veterinarian could not get over how big, and Active he was. (04/25/2014).
In addition to improved colostrum and foal health, we’ve seen a significant reduction in clinical mastitis in mares placed on Harmonize.   Mare’s have been placed on Harmonize specifically for its effect on mastitis. You can use Harmonize in conjunction with most all forage and grain feeding programs.

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