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The Symptoms of Ulcers in Horses and What to do

The Symptoms of Ulcers in Horses

 Stomach ulcers are a prevalent problem in horses, and they can greatly affect your horse’s performance. Although racehorses and horses in stressful, intense training were once thought to be primarily those horses most greatly affected by ulcers, it is now thought that ulcers also frequently affect all other classes of horses. Ulcers are often attributed to changes in feed, lifestyle and training.

What to do if your horse has ulcers

By Harmonize Your Horse.

If you suspect your horse in fact does have ulcers there are a few treatment options…

  1. STOP feeding your horse an inflammatory diet.  This means NO sweet feeds or any feed containing molasses as an ingredient.
  2. STOP feeding all grains — this includes corn, barley, rye, oats and wheat.
  3. Make sure your horse as adequate access to plenty of soft hay, such as a nice grass hay blend of Timothy-Alfalfa, Orchard, Rye or clean Coastal Bermuda for example.
  4. Always ensure access to clean water
  5. Start your horse on an effective, pelleted daily digestive health supplement such as Harmonize.

Harmonize is a pelleted and flavored daily supplement for all classes of horses. One pale of Harmonize will feed one horse for approximately one month at a feeding rate of 1/3 lb per day or 5.3 oz. with the enclosed feeding scoop. Feed one scoop, twice (2x) per day. Harmonize aids in the prevention of ulcers, colic, diarrhea and other digestive upset. Harmonize boost the immunity of adult horses, improves weight gain with picky eaters and senior horses. Harmonize also improves the shininess and strength of the horses mane and the hardness of their hooves. Harmonize contains prebiotics, probiotics, anti-oxidants, organic trace minerals, Vitamin E, A, D, Thiamine and Biotin. 

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