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No Fly Zone Feed (50 lbs.) Bag


All natural formula horse feed to repel flies, mites, ticks and other flying insects. 1 bag weighs 50 lbs.


  • All natural formula uses essential oils
  • When Horses eat Harmonize No Fly Zone, they excrete the essential oils in their sweat, thus repelling flying insects.
  • Essential oils reduces ammonia excretion and stuffy, smelly stalls.
  • A less aggravated horse maintains focus and weight easier.
  • Oil smell is undetectable.


  • Grain by products
  • B Vitamins
  • Concentrated garlic oil extract
  • Capsicum oil extract
  • Iron Oxide
  • Hydrated Sodium
  • Calcium Aluminosilicate
  • Natural and artificial flavors.


Feeding Instructions:

Feed horses of all ages 2 scoops daily. 1/3 lb may be applied as a top dress to grain feed or hay. Enclosed scoop provides 75g or 2.6 ounces.One bucket lasts one horse approximately 1 month.



No Fly Zone is not to be used for horses performing FEI sanctioned events. Product contains Capsicum which is generally used topically and may cause horses to test positive of FEI banned performance enhancing substances list.

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Weight 50 lbs


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