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Harmonize Bucket – 10lb.

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Harmonize is a pelleted and flavored daily supplement for all classes of horses. One pail of Harmonize will feed one horse for approximately one month at a feeding rate of 1/3 lb per day or 5.3 oz. with the enclosed feeding scoop. Feed 1 scoop twice (2x) daily. Harmonize aids in the prevention of ulcers, colic, diarrhea and other digestive upset. Harmonize boost the immunity of adult horses, improves weight gain with picky eaters and senior horses. Harmonize also improves the shininess and strength of the horses mane and the hardness of their hooves. Harmonize contains prebiotics, probiotics, anti-oxidants, organic trace minerals, Macro minerals, Vitamin E, A, D, Thiamine and Biotin.

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1 review for Harmonize Bucket – 10lb.

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Thank you Shari and Ken for the nice response, we were so happy to see a flmiay trying so hard to do right by their horses. The public is making sure that wonderful people like you and your flmiay don’t fall through the cracks. I could tell right off that you all loved your horses and were worried that you might loose your wonderful friends. You are why I put this program in motion. I know you are working hard to get back on your feet so that you can keep your flmiay going through the tough times now, so god bless you and your flmiay for doing the right thing. If you need us again please call, that is what this program is here for. I know you all will pay it forward to the next person who is struggling to keep their horse with them. Judy Glore

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