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Bundled Harmonize – 3 10lb. buckets


Bundle your horse supplement & save!

QTY: 3 Harmonize buckets

Weight: Each bucket weighs 10 lb.

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Harmonize is a pelleted and flavored daily horse supplement for all classes of horses. One pail of Harmonize will feed one horse for approximately one month at a feeding rate of 1/3 lb per day or 5.3 oz. with the enclosed feeding scoop. Feed 1 scoop twice (2x) daily. It also aids in the prevention of ulcers, colic, diarrhea and other digestive upset. Harmonize boost the immunity of adult horses, improves weight gain with picky eaters and senior horses. Harmonize also improves the shininess and strength of the horses mane and the hardness of their hooves. Harmonize contains prebiotics, probiotics, anti-oxidants, organic trace minerals, Macro minerals, Vitamin E, A, D, Thiamine and Biotin.

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