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How to Prevent Horse Colic During The Summer Season

Horse Care - Summer SeasonWith summer here not only are the days hotter, the risk of horse colic also greatly increases due to a combination of lower moisture content in grass, lack of rain, excess sweat (which causes a loss of electrolytes) and other heat related factors.

Understanding what you can do to prevent horse colic is vital to horse health and the summer season is one of the most common times of year that serious issues can happen. Here are some of the few things you can do to ensure your horse stays happy and healthy all throughout the summer season.

Make sure there is clean drinking water available.

With the summer heat, your horse is going to need lots of water to drink to stay hydrated and cooled down. One of the most overlooked aspects during the hot parts of the year is maintaining a steady supply of clean water.

Summer troughs are more likely to develop algae and with flies and other bugs being more active, water is easily contaminated. Your horse will be much more reluctant to drink enough water if it’s dirty and— if the horse does drink tainted water, it could cause serious equine health issues and quickly lead to horse colic. Always remember to check and replace water when necessary and keep all drinking troughs clean.

Make sure your horse stays cool during the summer season.

Your horses are going to be more irritable and less likely to eat or drink when they are too hot. This interruption in a steady diet, a very important aspect of horse health, is one of the leading causes of horse colic. Make sure that there is adequate shade available in your pasture.

If there is no one to check on your horse during extremely hot days it may be best to bring your horse into the barn or a confined area so your animal is in the shade. If you do bring your animal into a small space it is crucial that there is proper ventilation and clean water.

Consider the use of a natural supplement.

Due to the heat, bugs, and other summer season factors it’s common for horses to lose their appetite, not drink enough, become irritable, and have other digestion problems. Using a supplement such as Harmonize will ensure that your animal receives the necessary nutrients for proper health and digestion to prevent the development of horse colic.

Additionally, always be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of horse colic and other equine health issues this summer. If you notice your horse is constantly pawing, curling their upper lip, backing into a corner or other strange behavior your horse may have developed colic which should be treated immediately.

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