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No Fly Zone | Natural Horse Insect Repellent Feed

Natural Horse Insect RepellantHarmonize Your Horse No Fly Zone is an all natural horse insect repellent feed that repels flies, mites, ticks, gnats and other flying insects.

It’s our latest product aimed to improve your horse’s performance by preventing irritation to your horse. Insects are one of the most common reason horses get irritated. Insects, especially the ones that bite on your horse can even cause diseases and lose of weight to your horse.

No Fly Zone contains essential oils in the formula that when ingested by the horse, will come out through the horse’s sweat. Insects hate the smell of these essential oils excreted by sweat of your horse. The oils used are Garlic and Capsicum (hot chili pepper oil) and are hidden in the pellet so that the horse can eat and digest it as natural supplement.

No Fly Zone not only repels insects, it also decreases the ammonia smell in horse stalls because of Capsicum. Animals consuming Capsicum, drinks more water and under less heat stress than animals that are not consuming Capsicum.

You can order our No Fly Zone product in bucket or bag of 10 lbs. or in bag of 50 lbs.

Bundle any Harmonize Nutritional Supplement and Harmonize No Fly Zone and use coupon code hyhflybundle to get 20% off your cart total. Coupon good until September 1, 2014.

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