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Harmonize Horse Feed | Horse Colic and Ulcer Treatment

Harmonize – An all natural horse supplement that aims to strengthen your horse’s digestive health, treat ulcers and prevent horse ulcers from coming back. It combines the power of Prebiotics and Probiotics along with natural digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals to improve not just the health of your horse’s stomach but also your horse’s performance.

Prebiotics and Probiotics— digestive bacteria, yeast culture, and bacterial substrate that stabilize gut pH and improve feed digestibility and nutrient absorption improving horse ulcers through natural remedies.

  • Biotin — a B vitamin that strengthens hooves and hair coat and improves the wall surface of the intestine.  Biotin is essential for converting feeds to energy.  This helps horses grow, work, and reproduce. Biotin is an essential coenzyme in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism, and is found in virtually every cell in the body. Biotin is also important for normal thyroid and adrenal gland function, reproductive tract health, nervous system stability, and most dramatically, the growth and repair of skin and hooves.
  • Thiamine and other essential B vitamins  improve nutrient metabolism and appetite.  Bacteria in the gut of very active horse, horses on high grain diets have a tendency of depleting the baterial sources of thiamine in the gut.  Low thiamine levels prevent horses from performing at their best.  Thiamine and Mg have also been recognized as a calming agent for hyper horses.
  • Antioxidants including Vitamin E and Organic Selenium are free radical scavengers and improve the immune status of the horse.
  • Chelated Organic Trace Minerals— a highly bio-available form of trace mineral. Trace minerals are involved in many cellular functions from reproduction to health, immunity and metabolism.  (Our formula contains an appropriate level to be included as a part of most all horse feeding regimens.)
  • Natural enzymes- effectively increase nutrient uptake from common feedstuffs, pastures and hays.
  • Manana Oligo Saccharides (MOS) – upregulate immune status in all ages and classes of horses.  MOS can be particularly effective against common molds and toxins in regular feedstuffs

Feeding Directions:

Feed horses of all ages and classes two (2) scoops daily. May be applied as a top-dress to grain feed or hay. Enclosed scoop provides 2.7 oz. One 10 lb. bucket lasts one horse approximately one month. Harmonize is a supplement and not a feed.  It improves the metabolic function of the horse if it’s either trying to gain weight or lose weight.  Yes! It helps with both!

Product Label:

horse colic treatment

When you use Harmonize to treat horse colic and ulcers:

  • Your horse will have a healthier and happier gut for Horse Ulcer Treatment.
  • Horses that appear to have stomach ulcers straighten out and have healthier appetites without exhibiting the signs of having ulcers.
  • Horses susceptible to colicing are better protected from colic. Fussy, picky eaters consume fuller diets, Harmonize improves appetites.
  • Light horses in need of weight gain more efficiently gain weight
  • Your horse will more effectively metabolize the foodstuffs you provide.
  • You will have greater flexibility in how you feed your horse.
  • You can move between different foodstuffs and feeding environments (pasture to stall, etc.) without as much concern.
  • Reduces the stress from handling, such as frequent loading and trailering.
  • Your horse will have a layer of protection from many of the my-cotoxins found in common feeds.
  • You horse will enjoy a shinier and stronger hair coat,and better hoof health!
  • Harmonize works effectively in all life stages for the treatment of Stomach Ulcers.
  • You will feel the confidence and pride of a healthier, happier horse!
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