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I have a horse with ulcers and I’m giving him another product, but it still hurts…
Diamond 9-12
I have a horse that has an ulcer, a hind gut ulcer and I give him Total Gut Health and it helps some but it still hurts him and when riding him when it hurts he kicks out which does not make for a good ride. I found your product and am interested in it’s ability to heal ulcers. Could you please tell me the complete list of ingredients including fillers, some things like alfalfa and corn are a problem for my horse.
Thank you,


I want to THANK YOU for sending the Harmonize, for the coupon and for answering my questions AND for giving me my horse back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been praying for the answer for a year since this first started of Diamond having the ulcer pain and kicking out from the discomfort. Most people didn’t believe me that he was doing it out of pain, but I knew my horse even though I’d only had him 4 months when it started, he was so good and willing before it started suddenly. And NOW after feeding him Harmonize for just a short time, I’ve ridden him twice with absolutely no kicking out, no acting like it hurts, no going sideways, he even wants to trot. I can’t thank you enough for making Harmonize and for everything you’ve done to help me and Diamond. I am so happy :-))) I plan on ordering more Harmonize next week and keeping him on it.
I really believe in Harmonize, after how much it helped and is helping Diamond
Thank you again SO MUCH,

Indiana 08/10/12

The most impressive outcome of being on this product is the improvement of his hoof health…
Testimonial - Harmonize
Hey Scott,
I just wanted to thank you again for introducing me to Harmonize. It is such an amazing supplement and I am really happy with the results. Thus far my horse has been on it for 3 months, but I began to notice improvements within the first three weeks. After only one week of being on Harmonize, my horse’s overall health had improved drastically; he had more energy and sudden weather changes didn’t seem to affect his feed intake anymore.

The most impressive outcome of being on this product is the improvement of his hoof health. Not only are his hooves growing out faster but much thicker and stronger as well. He is now being shod every 5 weeks instead of 6.

Being in the grain commodities industry I am very aware of how the proper nutrition and supplementation can dramatically affect the performance of your animal.Harmonize is a superior product that has immediate results for a long-lasting impact. I would definitely recommend this supplement to anyone looking to maximize the potential of their horse.
Thank you again,
C.L. in Colorado

Harmonize Your Horse Review
When I ride into the box I expect 110% from my rodeo horses. For my part I feed Harmonize to all my horses. Harmonize ensures my horses not only feel good; but that they will be at peak performance. When I use Harmonize I have no worries about the digestive health of my horses.
Thank you,

Chisum Docheff is an up and coming cowboy competing in Bull Dogging and Calf Roping out of NJC in Sterling, Colorado. He’s had a lot of success getting weight on some of his harder working horses and is competing at an even higher level since starting on Harmonize Horse

Customer Testimonials
Jim and Kathie at Foxtrotter Farms started Harmonize after bringing home a contagious respiratory infection from a large national show. In addition, traveling multiple horses to show required they buy and switch hay as they traveled to competitions. This time around all the traveling horses were on Harmonize and succesfully transitioned hay without colic episodes as well as returned home healthy and happy! These are some champion fox trotters!

Jim and Kathie at Foxtrotter Farms

Jody's Horse
This picture is of my husband and I at the High Plains Regional Finals this summer at the Ranch in Loveland, CO. We placed 3rd in this roping allowing us to qualify for the National Finals in Oklahoma City. The horse that I am riding is a 22 year old gelding the mare that my husband is on is 14 years old. These two horses are on Harmonize and while at the USTRC finals we noticed that they cleaned up all the hay and ate much better and had more energy. I have a friend that has a 17 year old horse that acts like a total different horse more energy and runs harder to cattle.


Tina Houck's Horse - Whitey Bob
Tina Houck raises cutting and barrel performance horses and there are several horses on Harmonize at Tina’s. Whitey Bob is a 6 year old Quarter horse with chronic mastitis for over a year with multiple cultures and antibiotic treatments. Her mastitis would ‘clear’ for a period of time on sulfa treatments, but would always resurface. After starting Harmonize and yet another round of sulfa treatment, we successfully discontinued sulfa treatment and Whitey Bob has remained remarkably symptom free without antibiotic treatment. After a significant amount of time with this condition, (over a year) Whitey Bob is gradually shrinking her chronically damaged udder! Probiotics in Harmonize have proven in multiple species to clear mastitis, infectious disorders and enhance overall immune function.

Whitey Bob the Horse
Whitey Bob’s baby was compromised at an early age not only due to her chronic mastitis problem but other metabolic disorders as well. In short, her foal was a runt. This little guy was almost a hopeless case until we started him on Harmonize. In less than two months he has absolutely doubled his weight and gained 3-4 inches in wither height. Even though he started way behind his siblings, he is catching up quick!

Hello Scott,

I just wanted to touch base, after having started my horse on Harmonize products about a month ago. After 3 1/2 weeks on Ulcer/GastroGard, I started Harmonize; at first Niko ate it fine and looked great after just 1 week on it. Then he stopped eating his grain and I had to stop using Harmonize products for a couple of weeks (I figured since it was the newest supplement that he didn’t like it since he had been eating fine up until then). During that time he got the sucked up look again and was showing his other ulcer symptoms as well. I really wanted to get him back on the Harmonize products so after looking into everything else I was doing for him and feeding him, I realized the reason he stopped eating his grain was due to another supplement (a flaxseed based one) going bad. I eliminated that one and restarted your Harmonize Product, this time with no problems with him eating it.

He immediately returned to normal, his abdomen dropped and his back is not sore anymore, his coat looks awesome, he is full of energy and life again and a very happy boy! The true test for him & the effectiveness of Harmonize Product will be this fall when the pasture is gone and he is not eating all day; but I will keep him on it for now and hopefully when that happens it won’t be an issue! Harmonize Product is well worth the cost in the long run verses using Ulcer or GastroGard.

Geri D

I use Harmonize for helping with gastritis and stomach ulcers all the time. One client of mine “Sandman” is a big muscular draft cross gelding. As you know many of our big boys have big appetites too. He developed an ulcer issue with his stomach. We discussed the use of medications for treating ulcers but as you know, these can be quite expensive. We put Sandman on Harmonize and took him off grain all together. The owner was convinced that he would just waste away to nothing without his grain. It turns out he has been off grain for almost a year and a half and he has NEVER looked better. His is muscular, in great shape, his coat shines and he has energy like never before. Another Harmonize success story!

Dr. Matthew Schairer

I must say that wonders never cease. Since Dr. Matt said it was
“amazing”, I decided to try the horse supplement he sells. I got a bucket of Harmonize a couple of weeks ago and canceled the several supplements I have been using–it was the same price, so what could it hurt? My mare is the strangest horse I have owned in 60 years–doesn’t care if she eats or not, hard to keep looking good, and exhibits many strange of habits. Since starting the Harmonize, she has eaten every bite of her feed without walking off and leaving it for hours and even calls to me when it is time to feed. She seems to be plumping up a bit as well. So, Dr. Matt, you are right! Harmonize is amazing.

Thank you,
Bert Wright, Florida

Hi Scott,
Thank you so much for calling me back so quickly in regards to my feeding Harmonize to my aging miniature horses.  I can’t wait to get them started and see their transformations!

I have been feeding Harmonize to my Quarter Horse now for about 3 years now and I can absolutely say without question that is the most superb supplement that I have ever encountered.  His coat is glossy and sleek; weight is perfect, attitude and performance fantastic.  He is the absolute picture of health and happiness.  He is in such standout condition that I am often fielding the question from other boarders on what my secret is and I honestly just tell them that it is Harmonize and nothing else. Thank you for making such a fabulous product and for caring about the well-being of horses everywhere.


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