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Harmonize Products | Horse Colic Treatment and Insect Repellent


Harmonize Bucket Product
Harmonize is a pelleted and flavored daily supplement for all classes of horses. It treats horse colic and ulcers naturally by simply adding the supplement into the horse’s feed. One pale of Harmonize will feed one horse for approximately one month at a feeding rate of 1/3 lb per day or 5.3 oz. with the enclosed feeding scoop. Feed 1 scoop twice (2x) daily. Harmonize aids in the prevention and repair of gastric ulcers, horse colic, diarrhea and other digestive upset. Harmonize boost the immunity of adult horses, improves weight gain with picky eaters and senior horses. Harmonize also improves the shininess and strength of the horses mane and the hardness of their hooves. Harmonize contains prebiotics, probiotics, anti-oxidants, organic trace minerals, Vitamin E, A, D, Thiamine and Biotin.

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No Fly Zone is a natural insect repellent for horses in the form of supplement. It repels flying insect from irritating horses and also decreases the smell of ammonia inside the barn. The formula contains essential oils that when taken by horses, produces sweat from the horse that repels the insects naturally.

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Feeding Harmonize

Horses on Stable by Petr K
Harmonize is recommended to be top dressed with your usual grain or complete feed, or with hay twice a day.

The feeding rate is 1/3 lbs per day, or 2x 1/3 cup servings. The scoop you receive in your bucket or bag shipment are measured perfectly for the correct feeding rate.

Harmonize is flavored such that many users actually hand feed it like a treat!

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