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Managing Horses with Gastric Ulcers


Changing the Horses diet and supplementing Harmonize will help eliminate the ulcers!

The percentage of horses with ulcers continues to increase, and that higher intensity levels of training are correlated with an increase in ulcer incidence.  The ulcers often occur in the upper third of the stomach, which does not have a mucus layer and does not secrete bicarbonate that helps to buffer stomach acid.  It is also interesting to note that ulcers have not been founded on pastured horses.  This is likely due to the fact that as a horse grazes, it produces large amounts of saliva that buffers the ingesta and protects the stomach lining.

A number of folks have contacted me about horses diagnosed with gastric ulcers before and after supplementing Harmonize.  Many were unsatisfied with the results and cost of using GastroGard.  100% of the time that people switch to Harmonize instead of drugs they saw immediate results (see our testimonials page).

Dietary and management changes can be a fantastic aid in many cases with horses with ulcers.Harmonize Your Horse suggested the following “back to basic” steps to help manage your horse’s condition along with supplementing Harmonize pelleted flavored daily supplement for all classes of horses :

1.     Allow the horse to be turned out or hand grazed.

2.     If access to pasture is not possible, good quality hay is a must.  Recent studies indicate that legume hay is an excellent choice, possibly due to the high calcium content which may help to serve as a buffer.

3.     Breaking the daily rations into smaller more frequent meals also help keep saliva production constant and protect the stomach lining – more like “grazers” instead of “meal eaters”.

4.     High starch diets also tend to aggravate ulcers due to increased acid production. A high fat high fiber feed is ideal.

In essence, to help keep them from suffering the ill effects of ulcers, we need to let our horses just be horses.

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