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Horse Health Care

How to Properly Care for your Horse

Horses are sensitive and gentle animals that need your constant attention and care to stay happy and healthy. Taking proper care of your stallion is extremely important to ensure its health and well being for many years to come. A daily regime of care, grooming, and exercise will not only keep your horse healthy, but it will also keep any harmful diseases and ailments at bay. Read on to find out what you can do to give your horse the care and love it deserves.

Regular Grooming

 Daily grooming is an absolute must to keep your horse healthy, and it will also help you forge a deep bond of friendship with your horse in no time! It takes approximately 30 minutes to groom your horse, and the practice includes brushing and combing the coat, checking the body for any cuts or bruises, and inspection of the teeth, hooves, and eyes. Give them a bath at least every week, and after riding or training, make sure that you brush and tend to them.


 Lack of exercise can not only make your horse lazy and lethargic, but it can also make its hooves dried and flaky. If you can, take your horse for rides daily. However, don’t over train your horse, as it may result in soreness. Horses like to roam around in an open space; therefore, don’t keep them confined in the stable all the time. Let them roam around the pasture as they please in order to keep them refreshed and healthy.

Checking the Hooves

 Foot and hoof care is an essential part of grooming your horse and taking care of its health. Inspect the hooves regularly, and take your horse to a Ferrier every now and then for a professional opinion on shoes, etc. The hooves also need trimming every six weeks or so, but make sure you get professional help to do so!

Keeping the Stall Clean

 The stalls need to be clean and comfortable at all times to avoid breeding of pests and mosquitoes. Regularly check the shavings and straws and clean up any wet areas immediately to keep the area odor free and fresh. Also, make sure that the feed and water bucket is clean and full at all times.

Vaccination and Pest Control

 After every few months, book an appointment with the veterinarian to ensure that your horse is healthy and in top shape. Get your horse vaccinated for common diseases, and in order to prevent any ailments and contagious diseases by checking for symptoms regularly. Runny eyes, discharge from the nose or coughing and weakness are common symptoms that indicate that your horse is not feeling well. In case you notice any unusual pattern in their behavior, take them to the vet for a proper and detailed check up. Contagious diseases can spread from one horse to another; therefore, in case there is a sick horse in the stable, keep it separated from the rest of the herd.


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