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Harmonize Your Horse Products Client Review

Hello Scott,

I just wanted to touch base, after having started my horse on Harmonize products about a month ago. After 3 1/2 weeks on Ulcer/GastroGard, I started Harmonize; at first Niko ate it fine and looked great after just 1 week on it. Then he stopped eating his grain and I had to stop using Harmonize products for a couple of weeks (I figured since it was the newest supplement that he didn’t like it since he had been eating fine up until then). During that time he got the sucked up look again and was showing his other ulcer symptoms as well. I really wanted to get him back on the Harmonize products so after looking into everything else I was doing for him and feeding him, I realized the reason he stopped eating his grain was due to another supplement (a flaxseed based one) going bad. I eliminated that one and restarted your Harmonize Product, this time with no problems with him eating it.

He immediately returned to normal, his abdomen dropped and his back is not sore anymore, his coat looks awesome, he is full of energy and life again and a very happy boy! The true test for him & the effectiveness of Harmonize Product will be this fall when the pasture is gone and he is not eating all day; but I will keep him on it for now and hopefully when that happens it won’t be an issue! Harmonize Product is well worth the cost in the long run verses using Ulcer or GastroGard.



Geri D

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