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Emergency Care for Horses

Emergency Care For Horses

Critical and emergency cases are so unpredictable. Some of the medical conditions that are common and observable from outside and need immediate attention are:

  • Snake bite
  • Fracture
  • Trauma
  • Colic
  • Choking
  • Muscle cramping, seizures or paralysis.
  • Dystocia
  • Epistaxis
  • Serious laceration of the body or limb

Difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, neurological disease and fever require internal specialist to note.

Action Plan

No matter how worse the condition of your horse is, you should not panic. You should mentally rehearse the steps you will take because there is no need to hurt yourself while trying to save your horse. Here are some of the guidelines that can help you in case you are in such a situation:

  • You should keep your first aid kit in your horse trailer or your towing vehicle.
  • In case you need to transport the horse to equine surgery center, know in advance the most direct route.
  • Your veterinarian number should be kept in your phone and you should always keep it posted. It is advisable that if you have speed dial list, you have it in that list.
  • Always have backups on how to reach your veterinarian
  • Have the numbers of your neighbors and friends who can help you in case of an emergency while you wait for the veterinarian.
  • Always store your first aid kit in a clean area where it can be accessible by all the family members and other people in your firm.

What You Should Do To The Horse

  • Ensure your horse is as relaxed as possible. In this case, also your calmness matters a lot.
  • Unless you are specifically instructed by your veterinarian, you should not administer any drugs expressly sedatives and tranquilizers.
  • Move your horse in a safe place where there are minimal chances of injuries occurring even if it may go down.
  • Get someone to help you
  • Acquaint your veterinarian instantaneously and provide the detailed information about the horse condition.
  • Listen closely and follow the instructions that you will be given by your veterinarian.


Always rehearse your action plan in case of an emergence, as it will help you have a calm mind in case of an emergency. Your horse’s vigor and wellbeing depend on you.

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