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All About Autumn Colic

Learn about Autumn Colic

Weather changes seasonally, and so do our bodies react to the various weather changes. These reactions do not exclude our domestic animals or pets. Every living thing needs to ingest for survival. During autumn, the grasses are eaten out and as a result, a delayed upsurge of

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Caring For Your Horse’s Mane

horse mane care

The horse’s mane is one of the most impressive part of a horse. The beauty of the mane largely depends on genetics and how well it has been regularly maintained. Proper care is important in order for the mane to remain in good health and maintain a

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How to Prevent Horse Colic

Colic in horses can be caused by different things, many cases are a result of the horses diet and living conditions. A horse’s natural diet is grass, leaves, hay and bark. These are the foods they have evolved to eat, and they are the foods that a

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Horse Ulcers – You Need To Know More!

Horse Ulcers – You Need To Know More!   Ulcers in the digestive track are more than just the latest “disease du jour.” Thus far, for a problem that has been recognized for about 20 years, we are still seeing and understanding only the tip of a

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