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Emergency Care for Horses

Emergency care for horses

Emergency Care For Horses Critical and emergency cases are so unpredictable. Some of the medical conditions that are common and observable from outside and need immediate attention are: Snake bite Fracture Trauma Colic Choking Muscle cramping, seizures or paralysis. Dystocia Epistaxis Serious laceration of the body or

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All About Autumn Colic

Learn about Autumn Colic

Weather changes seasonally, and so do our bodies react to the various weather changes. These reactions do not exclude our domestic animals or pets. Every living thing needs to ingest for survival. During autumn, the grasses are eaten out and as a result, a delayed upsurge of

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Caring For Your Horse’s Mane

horse mane care

The horse’s mane is one of the most impressive part of a horse. The beauty of the mane largely depends on genetics and how well it has been regularly maintained. Proper care is important in order for the mane to remain in good health and maintain a

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How to Prevent Horse Colic

Colic in horses can be caused by different things, many cases are a result of the horses diet and living conditions. A horse’s natural diet is grass, leaves, hay and bark. These are the foods they have evolved to eat, and they are the foods that a

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The Truth About Horse Colic

Equine colic is a generally basic issue of the digestive framework. A clinical sign that there is something wrong or happening in the horse’s digestive system. Colic which means “abdominal pain”, is usually manifested by  pawing repeatedly with a front foot, rolling from side to side, lying down,

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July End of the Month Giveaway

Summer days have began! In celebration of the warmers days, we are launching our first End of the Month Giveaway here at Harmonize Your Horse. Simply follow the mechanics on our facebook post to enter and get a chance to win $60 e-gift card that you can apply

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Digestive Tract Problems on Horses

Horses suffer a lot when faced with digestive issues. Digestive system includes organs that help process food. The work of the digestive system has four division. It starts with the digestion of food, absorption of the nutrients, motility (the ability for micro-organisms in the digestive tract to

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Feed Your Horse with These Considerations in Mind

When it comes to feeding your horse, it’s important you are familiar with the psychosocial and psychological effects behind how your horse is fed and how the feed used impacts horses. You should also know how your horses’ digestive system works. Below we’ve complied important things you

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Natural Products Better For Your Horse

In ever increasing numbers, horse owners are turning to natural products to feed and treat their companions; and with good reason. Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining good health. The holistic approach emphasizes that the body has the ability to heal itself if nutritional support is

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Vesicular Stomatitis Virus in Horses – Common Questions

The Vesicular stomatitis virus is caused by a rhabdovirus and can afflict livestock, horses and occasionally humans. It is contagious and while generally not life-threatening, it can have a serious economic impact on the equine industry. It is a reportable disease and if your veterinarian suspects your

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