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Caring For Your Senior Horse

Do you own a horse that has been an ongoing loyal friend and has given you years of enjoyment? He is worthy to be pampered a bit in his older years. Caring for a senior horse can call for considerable time and devotion. Harmonize Your Horse offers a unique supplement blend that is made specifically for all types of horses, including seniors. This supplement when added with our high-quality feed and adequate hay, can effectively help boost the immunity of adult horses, assist in managing healthy weight gain and improve body condition.

With proper care, you can prolong your horse’s productive lifespan. One full year of a horse’s everyday life is equivalent to an average of 3 years of a human’s lifespan; therefore older horses make terrific first horses. However, it’s important to know that seniors also require a bit of extra attention.

Loads of Love

Give your senior horse the best possible care available and be encouraged by their continued faithfulness for years to come. A special treat wouldn’t hurt either! Using Harmonize at this stage in your horse’s life can increase their longevity. What a great way to show love to that special senior friend in your life!


It’s very important that your senior horse get plenty of exercise. Getting a sufficient amount of exercise will help keep your horse healthy and active. It’s important to note that while the older horses also need exercise, it’s essential to make sure they don’t overexert themselves. As long as the horse is in good health, a moderate conditioning program would be appropriate. The horse owner is the best judge of what their individual horse can and can’t handle.

Equine Horse Nutrition

Senior horses may experience digestive issues as they age, so eating a good quality meal that digests easily is very important. Harmonize can help with your horse’s digestion. Our supplements usepre-biotics, pro-biotics and enzymes tohelp with the digestion of feeds or foods consumed, while protecting the horses gut.  Our supplements at Harmonize can help give your horse the proper nutrition they need at any age. In addition, our feeds are all-natural which means your senior friend is getting the very best.

Dental Proper care

Senior horses should have a professional inspection one or more times per year. Teeth may fall out, be uneven or sharp which may result in huge weight reduction simply because they cannot munch their food in the correct manner.

Proper Protection from Other Horses

Senior horses may require protection at times from other horses. Horses can compete for feed which includes contending for older horses feed, so it’s important to be aware of that and intervene when needed. A senior horse being of an older age, may not be able to protect themselves. Think about fencing off part of the pasture where your senior or favorite horse can live their days without any worries at all and without the stress of an aggressive horse.

Feel for Potential Complications

Always check and be aware of potential health problems your older horse may experience at any time. While senior horses may look exceptional, diseases can be concealed. Each and every day, run your hands over your horse to search for lumps, swelling injuries, skin conditions and hoof problems. Older horses do not bounce back as swift as they used to, so it is good to look for problems early.

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