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Caring For Your Horse’s Mane

horse mane careThe horse’s mane is one of the most impressive part of a horse. The beauty of the mane largely depends on genetics and how well it has been regularly maintained. Proper care is important in order for the mane to remain in good health and maintain a healthy appearance.  While giving extra attention to the horse’s mane is a common horse care, there are steps owners can take to ensure they are giving the level of care that they desire.


Maintaining Proper Care

Washing is very important in maintaining a healthy mane. Rinsing the hair well and removing any soap residue from the skin of the horse helps prevent the mane from becoming itchy. A sufficient amount of time needs to be given for the mane to dry before additional care is given.  A drier can be used to speed up the drying process.

Next, brush the neck from where the mane starts. Brushing gives the horse a rubdown on the hair follicles and as a result contributes to the growth of hair. Brush in a slow manner and with care.

Some owners prefer to braid their horse’s mane. It’s best to braid the mane to a moderate thickness of 4-5 inches, to give you a large quantity of smaller braids to work with. Essentially, you should keep a very minimal gap as possible at the top and between the braids. Remember to loosen the top of the braid and tighten the other parts to prevent the braids from falling.  Stopping the braids from falling out, helps ensure that the style you want is maintained while your horse’s necessary grazing can still take place in comfort.

The Result

Applying these three steps will help ensure that a healthy mane is obtained. Washing, brushing and braiding the mane is essential for the look and feel of the mane. For horse owners who want to express their personalities through the look of their horse’s mane, caring for the mane is vital care for the horse.  Altogether, manes are a significant pillar of a horse’s beauty and undoubtedly treasured by horse owners.

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