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About Harmonize Your Horse

As a life-long equestrian and professional animal nutritionist, I am rarely separated from my passion and my work. While relaxing on vacation and enjoying a day in the country with my best friend, an equine veterinarian, I was astonished by the number of cases of nutrition-related diseases he treated on a regular basis.

That began the “Harmonize” Project, a hard science-based and result-driven solution to the most common issues facing horses today.

Primary among equine issues are digestive disorders which give rise to a myriad of other complications. That is why we developed a horse supplement which approaches a myriad of horse issues like gut flora improvement, toxin elimination, improved feed digestion, overall horse wellness, and noticeable equine performance.

Applying our research and data from universities, practical animal agricultural technology, and a sense of holistic responsibility, we are proud and excited to bring you Harmonize! — a well-balanced and all-natural nutrition for horses at any stage of life. Visit our “SHOP” page to buy our products for your horse.

Scott Boken, M.S., P.A.S.
Matt Schairer, M.S., D.V.M.

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