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Harmonize Your Horse is an all-natural horse supplement that is known to help treat horse colic and ulcers. A nutritional feed that helps strengthen horse’s digestive health.

horse ulcer treatment


Horse Ulcer Treatment with Harmonize

Rieden was very sick with numerous ulcerations, some very severe. The patient had been on a GastroGard treatment for weeks, and continued to suffer, with no apparent progress against the ulcers. In the picture on the right, notice the yellow placque and the red bleeding ulcers in the middle and right side and how inflamed (dark red) the tissue lining is.


horse ulcerAFTER

Treatment for Ulcer with Harmonize

The picture on the right was taken after stopping conventional drug treatment (GastroGard) and putting the patient on Harmonize for only 3 weeks. In the above picture, the tissue is healing- looks like chicken skin and you can see some food particles, the tissue has become healthy and pink.

Pictures taken from an equine clinic in Tampa Bay, FL. 2012

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