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Horse Ulcer Treatment

Before Ulcer Treatment with Harmonize:

Rieden was very sick with a horse ulcer and needed treatment and had numerous ulceration’s, some very severe. The patient had been on a GastroGard treatment for weeks, and continued to suffer, with no apparent progress against the ulcers. Notice the yellow placque on the left, the red bleeding ulcers on the right and how inflamed (dark red) the tissue lining is.

horse ulcer treatment

horse ulcer treatment

After Treatment for  ulcer with Harmonize:

These pictures were taken after stopping the conventional drug treatment (GastroGard) and putting the patient for horse ulcer treatment for 3 weeks with Harmonize. In the picture on the left, the tissue is healing- looks like chicken skin and you can see some food particles, on the right, the tissue is healthy and pink. A month later, the patient was back competing.

horse ulcer

I use Harmonize for helping with gastritis and treatment of Horse stomach ulcers all the time. One client of mine “Sandman” is a big muscular draft cross gelding. As you know many of our big boys have big appetites too. He developed an ulcer issue with his stomach. We discussed the use of medications for treating ulcers but as you know, these can be quite expensive. We put Sandman on Harmonize and took him off grain all together. The owner was convinced that he would just waste away to nothing without his grain. It turns out he has been off grain for almost a year and a half and he has NEVER looked better. His is muscular, in great shape, his coat shines and he has energy like never before. Another Harmonize success story.

Dr. Matthew Schairer